Rock For Japan

The HiatusThe recent earthquake and tsunami have devastated Japan, with the dead and wounded numbering in the thousands. The community at SXSW has come together to help, as have other groups and organizations. For our part, we’ve decided to feature in this playlist some of the most powerful Japanese rock acts of today — to see them, and to help Japan in its recovery, please go to to their festivals:

Beat Crusaders — Love Dischord
Boom Boom Satellites — Back On My Feet
Elephant Kashimashi — Crescendo Diminuendo
Hilcrhyme — Four Seasons
Monkey Majik — Magic Words
One Ok Rock — Liar
The Pillows — Ride On Shooting Star
Sakanaction — Identity
Shinsei Kamattechan — The Never Ending Feeling That Flows Through Rock ‘n’ Roll
Zazen Boys — Weekend

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