Eleven from Ten for Eleven

Gil Scott-Heron2010 was an amazing year for music — trying to put together a “top ten” list for the year would be an exercise in unfairness and futility. So, instead, we’d like to highlight eleven albums from the year just past that featured powerful storytelling, reaching out to musical traditions and performers past, while opening new roads for the future. We don’t know if these are the top eleven albums of the year — just that we’ll be listening to them long into 2011:

Arcade Fire — The Suburbs“The Suburbs”
Eric Bibb — Booker’s Guitar“Booker’s Guitar”
Eminem — Recovery“Not Afraid”
Elton John and Leon Russell — The Union“Gone to Shiloh”
John Mellencamp — No Better than This“No Better than This”
Joanna Newsom — Have One on Me“Good Intentions Paving Company”
Otis Taylor — Clovis People, Vol.3“Rain So Hard”
Kanye West — My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy“Power”
Peter Wolf — Midnight Souvenirs“The Green Fields of Summer”
Neil Young — Le Noise“Love and War”

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