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Country and Region United KingdomEngland
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival London, England, UK
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Email: info@upstage.org.nz

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The Upstage Festival is a real time event that takes place around the world in numerous countries, online and at physical venues. The curated cyberperformance event spans nine different time zones (see festival locations below). The festival takes place online, and physical venues around the world also provide "real life access nodes" where audiences can gather, watch and participate in the festival performances, and at some nodes experience other live performances as well. The work and performances will explore the concept of audience participation in an online venue format. Artists collaborate in real time to compile digital media including images, sound, animations, text, live webcam feeds and live drawing. Online audience members contribute to the performance through a text chat and in some shows through specially created tools. Due to the nature of the collaborative process each work will never be reproduced in the same way.

Festival Dates November 11, 2011
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Festival Story:

UpStage is a web-based platform for live online collaborative performance. First launched in January 2004, it is now used by artists and students around the world to create and experiment with the use of internet technologies in live theatrical performances. UpStage provides a set of tools for logged in players to work with a variety of media in real time; graphics (still images and animations), video (live web cam feeds or prerecorded video), audio (text2speech or prerecorded audio), text and illustration are collaboratively manipulated to create an improvised or rehearsed performance. Audiences do not need to log in, they simply click on a link in an email or web page, and everything unfolds in their browser window.

The original idea came from the globally dispersed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision who were using various free chat applications to collaborate and perform online from their different geographical locations. Frustrated by the limitations of software that was designed for other purposes, they began to imagine a purpose-built application, made by and for artists, that would combine the best features from different chat applications into a single, accessible platform. The result is UpStage: browser-based, open source, cross-platform, accessible for audiences and easy to use.


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Practical Info:

UpStage’s 10th Birthday — 2014:
  • On January 9, 2004, the first version of UpStage was formally launched and released into the world as a platform for cyberformance (live online performance). A decade later, we invite you to join us in celebrating this auspicious milestone and imagine what might come next.
  • Your ideas and support
    • How do you imagine the future of UpStage? Surprise us with your ideas! Now you can give something back: give UpStage a birthday present — surprise us with your donation and help make the 10th birthday. celebrations a success!
  • Upstage’s legacy
    • UpStage has given an enormous amount — such as six online festivals featuring the work of hundreds of artists and freely attended by thousands of people around the world; regular online open walk-throughs; and many workshops, presentations and performances. Open source and open access, UpStage has helped to open the minds of children, artists, audiences, developers and researchers to the possibilities of collaborative online creativity.
  • Party/Performances
    • Of course there will be a party! Of course there will be cyberformances! Mark it in your diary now, January 9-10 2014, and keep an eye on the web site for further details.
    • The birthday celebrations will include the launch of UpStage version 3, incorporating audio-visual streaming and many exciting new enhancements. Several cyberformances are being prepared to launch and showcase v3, and a networked discussion event between Munich and Wellington will investigate and reflect on the concept of cyberformance. As well as these events — all free for you to join online from wherever you are in the world — there will be a planning meeting to address the ongoing sustainability and future of UpStage.
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