International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFoK)

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Country and Region IndiaKerala
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Thrissur, Kerala, India
Festival Contact Information

Soorya Krishnamoorthy, Festival Director
Mobile: +91 09846013536

V. Sasikumar, Coordinator
Phone: +91 09656415773 (Thiruvananthapuram)

KSNA, Mpcc Regional office
Samskriti Bhavan (MPCC) Nalanda, Kowdiar (post)
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Phone: +91 04712311388
Email: , or, or

Letters may be addressed to:
Kerala sangeetha Nataka Akademi (KSNA)
Thrissur, Kerala, India
Phones: +91 0487 2327427, or +91 04872 327427

Festival Description

Organized by the Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi, the inaugural International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFoK) took place at Thrissur in 2008. The program of the festival aims to feature plays from a different country each year. International and national theatre groups will participate in sessions where theatre directors meet to share and network, take part in seminars, show presentations of performances, and exhibitions of theatre photographs.

Festival Dates January 27 - February 3, 2014
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Festival Events:

6th edition ITFoK 2014:
    • Transition has always been momentous in the evolution of human civilization. Overtime, the art world has undergone a series of transitions before reaching the juncture at which we are all right now. Change will push through even if we build an iron wall of conventional arguments backed up by history or tradition to oppose its wave. Contemporary modern theatre in many parts of the world is on a cross road of shift which has moved away from the notions of conventional drama and increasingly becoming more of a hybrid performance art form.
      Indian theatre has been a little reluctant to accept this change partially because of its colonial hangover of traditional text centered proscenium based drama. As we are riding through the 21st century, it’s high time we moved from the baggage of old fashioned conventional theatre, and bring in theatre practice that is responsive to the contemporary socio-political scenario. For Indian theatre, it is highly imperative to have exposure to new theatre happening around the world, and it’s the right time to have a meaningful debate surrounding it, as we take a re-look into our own contemporary theatre practices. Therefore in 2014, different from previous years, crossing the continental borders ITFoK will have a curatorial focus on cutting edge theatre practice that challenges the notion of conventional drama and viewership. It will be a curtain raiser for welcoming 21st century world theatre where the strict boundaries of theatre and visual art are slowly fading, and a new form of post dramatic theatre is emerging.
      The concept of transition will be the center theme of ITFoK 2014. ITFOK 2014 invites productions which challenge the notion of conventional drama and offer a new experience in seeing. The curatorial board is also keen on having a pool of productions with an alternative scenographic language, preferably meant for open air and street. In response to the heinous rapes and atrocities against woman, children, transsexuals and homosexuals in India and else where we also aim to have a section of productions which deal with the issue of GENDER.


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