globalFEST 2011. All photography ©Kevin Yatarola (see credits below under Practical information)
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Country and Region United StatesNew York
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival New York, New York, USA
Festival Contact Information

Dmitri Vietze
Rock Paper Scissors, Inc.
P. O. Box 1788, Suite 137
Bloomington, Indiana 47402-1788 USA
Phone: (01) 812-339-1195
Fax: (01) 801-729-4911

Festival Description

GlobalFEST has been the springboard festival for world music artists on the brink of North American national mainstage success, performers known in one community but ready to cross into others, and the marquee stars of tomorrow. globalFEST showcases French Gypsy jazz with breakbeats, cumbia-fied downtempo Argentine club sounds, soul-stirring Afro-Colombian roots, new generation Louisiana fiddling, Africa unplugged, Irish traditional song, Senegalese roots reggae, Central Asian avant rock, Romanian hybrid blues, New York salsa upstarts, and an Algerian songstress all under one roof at New York City’s Webster Hall (125 E. 11th St.).

Festival Dates January 12, 2014
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KickStarter Touring Fund 2013:
  • Touring Fund (gFTF)
    As you may know, globalFEST is a groundbreaking annual 3‐stage, 12‐band world music showcase/festival held each January in New York City. Over the past decade it’s become one of the most influential world music events in North America and the premier gateway event for emerging and established artists from around the world. Since 2003, gF has provided more than one hundred twenty groups from around the world access to stages across North America. As part of their expanded role as a service organization, gF manages the globalFEST’s Touring Fund (gFTF), which offers a bi-annual competitive grant opportunity to all tour‐ready gF alumni artists. gFTF is an innovative program designed to encourage cultural exchange by offsetting the high cost of touring in the U.S., and to encourage performances in new, underserved markets. globalFEST couldn’t realize this curatorial vision without the support of music fans around the world. They just launched their annual Kickstarter Campaign. Could you help me spread the word? globalFEST has brought that vision to iconic American festivals like SXSW and Bonnaroo, Paris’ Festival d’île de France, and the legendary Joshua Light Show. globalFEST’s artists have performed alongside some of the world’s most popular and legendary performers and have garnered excellent press, both in the US and abroad. Through these infiltration activities, globalFEST aims to move world music to the center of the performing arts and the live music industry. The only thing missing is YOU! So let’s spread the word!


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  • In order of appearance — All images globalFEST 2011. All photography ©Kevin Yatarola
    • Chamber Music
    • Diblo Dibala
    • La-33
    • RAM
    • Red Baraat
    • Yoro Ndiaye
  • Webster Hall
    125 East 11th Street
    New York, New York
  • Available online from Ticketmaster, or +1-866-448-7849
  • Note: promoters caution music lovers to buy early—prior globalFEST shows have sold out in advance.


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