Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama - TPAM in Yokohama (国際舞台芸術ミーティング in 横浜)

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Country and Region JapanKanagawa
Type of Festival Dance, Drama, Music
Location of Festival Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan
Festival Contact Information

Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama Secretariat
South Building 3F, 3-1-2 Ebisu-minami, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0022

Festival Description

Launched as “Tokyo Performing Arts Market” in 1995. As the name “Market” indicates, its objective was to promote trading of performing arts works. However, in 2005, it started to focus more on networking of professionals engaging in contemporary performing arts. In 2011, it moved to Yokohama, changed the name from “Market” to “Meeting” and became “Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama,” while keeping the nickname “TPAM.” It aims to make it function as an international platform for information exchange, networking, mutual learning and discussion. TPAM is an international platform for performing arts professionals who share interest in and passion for creation, promotion, development, dissemination, exchange, critique and study of contemporary performing arts. TPAM consists of showing programs and networking programs, which take place across the diverse artistic and cultural facilities in Yokohama. Registration is basically required for participation in it, but individual tickets for some programs will also be available. Details will be announced on the website.

Festival Dates February 8 - 16, 2014
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Festival Events:

Performances 2014:
  • Shuta Hasunuma
  • Jun Tsutsui + Dancing People in Shin-Nagata
  • Sioned Huws
  • Kim Itoh and Zan Yamashita
  • Yukina Sakai and Momoko Shiraga
  • Hideaki Hamada, Kai Takizawa and Yukio Shiba
  • L’Encyclop?die de la parole / Joris Lacoste
  • siren eun young jung
  • Ervi Sir?n and Kosei Sakamoto
  • Xiao Ke × Zhou Zi Han
  • Contemporary Noh Plays VII
  • Opera Theater Konnyakuza
  • Momonga Complex
  • Saiko KINO
  • minamo × The Busstrio
  • Mademoiselle Cinema
  • 86B210
  • mum & gypsy
  • momoirozousan
  • Pijin Neji
  • Kaiji Moriyama, Reijiro Tsumura, Dewa Ketut Alit, Alessio Silvestrin, Robert Tewsley and Hana Sakai
  • Kaeru-P
  • Clown Show Parasympathetic Nerve System
  • Kitamari & Offsite Dance Project
  • Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker
  • Theater Company ARICA
  • Tadashi Shimada and Kim Kwang-min
  • Yuriko Suzuki and Hwang Soo Hyun
  • AAPA
  • MOKK
  • Co. Yamada Un
  • Peeping Tom
  • and more…
Full programming 2014:
Registration 2014:
  • The Registration form for performing arts professionals now open. Registration fee: 3,500 JPY
  • For the returning visitors: the registration system has changed. Now it’s easier to take part in the Networking Programs, and the Showing Programs require reservation. Details are on the webpage.


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Practical Info:

  • Yokohama Creativecity Center (YCC)
  • Kanagawa Arts Theatre (KAAT)
  • BankART Studio NYK
  • Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse Number 1 and others
  • For more information visit


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