Calgary Folk Music Festival

Courtesy of Calgary Folk Music Festival; photos by Sebastian Hanlon; Frank Gasparik; and Doug Callow
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Country and Region CanadaAlberta
Type of Festival Music
Location of Festival Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Festival Contact Information

The Folk Festival Society of Calgary
P. O. Box 2897 Stn M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3C3 Canada
Phone: 403-233-0904
Fax: 403-266-3373

Festival Description

The annual Calgary Folk Music Festival is a four-day family-friendly cultural and musical jamboree at beautiful Prince’s Island Park featuring over 60 artists hailing from 15 countries on 7 stages to daily audiences of 12,000. Most artists perform several times at the Festival, in concerts and sessions (jams/round-robins). Also included are a beer garden, family area with entertainment and activities for kids, international arts and craft market, international food concessionaires, and a record tent.

Festival Dates July 24 - 27, 2014
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Festival Story:

The Festival is about great music and good spirits. Kids get in free, and they’ll love the family area, featuring theatre, magic and music. Stroll through the international craft market displaying the work of independent vendors; visit the record tent to take home artists’ music; have a cold beverage in the tree-shaded beer garden; enjoy superb food from around the world from our concessionaires. From plate recycling to secured bicycle parking and covered viewing areas for the disabled, it’s a comfortable site for all. There’s plenty of shade, a relaxed atmosphere (what other festival allows you to bring your own picnic?) and more musical diversity than you can imagine.

You like blues? We’ve got it. Prefer celtic or traditional music? We’ve got plenty of that too, plus roots, world music, cutting-edge sounds, bluegrass, funk, country, hip-hop, dub, old-timey, and more. See artists in concert on the evening mainstage or 6 other more intimate stages, where sessions bring together musicians in unpredictable and magical collaborations that can become celtic kitchen parties, country hoe-downs, Southern Baptist tent revivals, singer/songwriter song swaps, world music collaborations or all-out blues jams.


Festival Events:

Announced Lineup 2014:
Songwriting contest 2014:


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Practical Info:

  • Prince’s Island Park
    Located in downtown Calgary, north of the Eau Claire Market footbridge.
Greening initiatives:
  • This past year we instituted our SEEQ policies to formally develop procedures that focus on limiting our footprint at our beautiful downtown park location. The Calgary Folk Music Festival is committed to walking our talk: we want to make sure our environmental footprint is minimized, and our cultural impact is maximized. Our dream and our goal is to be part of leading-edge creativity and results around ethical and sustainable business as usual. As we began articulating our vision of ethical sustainability, we recognized four guiding principles that already go into decision-making at all levels of the organization. And although emphasis on each of the pillars is flexible, all four form the basis of our philosophy.
    • Social responsibility—We acknowledge and embrace our existence within the context of Calgary, Canada and the global community. We believe in the power of music to create growth and dialogue between people, and we wish to work from this strength and passion, to reach out to the vast diversity of the Calgary, Canadian and global village, building bridges and enhancing accessibility between groups and individuals wherever possible.
    • Economics—We wish to be a self-sustaining entity, charging a fair and affordable price for our service. We wish to respect other organizations and individuals, paying a fair price for their labour and goods.
    • Environment—We deeply value the natural environment, and are committed to doing our best to reduce our ecological footprint in whatever ways we can. We wish to provide an environment for the festival that does not create a burden for the city in terms of environmental impact, and we strive to create and use appropriate technology to achieve this end.
    • Quality—Music is our passion, as is community. We wish to continue to successfully bring the music of “folks” from around the world to our fair city, during our festival and year round, celebrating diversity, independence, creativity, excellence and the exchange of music and ideas. For feeding over 1300 volunteers plus 9 000 daily audience members, we have instituted a long-running plate recycling program, plus on-site composting and beer cup recycling. Our concessionaires are required to use compostable cutlery. We operate on green power through the wind power program and carbon credits with our provincial energy company, and we have free, secure bike parking.


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