The International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art

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Country and Region PolandLodzkie
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Łódź, Łódzkie, Poland
Festival Contact Information

The International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art
ul. Gandhiego 4/29
91-012 Łódź,
Phone: +48 501 497 255 (Polish and Russian languages)
Phone: +48 697 953 794 (Polish and English languages)
Email:, or

Festival Description

The International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art is a meeting of professional choreographers, the objective of which is to present and promote the most talented and skilled artists working in the field. The guiding principle of the competition is that it is only the work of choreographers which is evaluated.

The Competition is organized by the Sergei Diaghilev International Association for the Promotion of Choreographic Art. The Competition is realized with financial support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland and the Marshal`s Office of the Lodz Voivodship.

Festival Dates May 17 - 18, 2014
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Festival Events:

7th edition festival rules 2014:
  • Submission of an entry to The 7th International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art signifies an agreement to comply with, and be bound by, the Competition Rules. The organiser of the competition is The Sergei Diaghilev International Association for the Promotion of Choreographic Art, with its registered office in Łódź. The aim of the Competition is to promote professional choreographers coming from different countries of the world. The Competition is addressed to artists having a professional dance or choreographic education. The Competition will be held on 17th – 18th May 2014 on the stage of the Grand Theatre in Łódź, Poland. The deadline for submission of application is on 7th April 2014.
  • The Competition comprises two rounds. Entries to the Competition should take the form of original choreographic compositions which meet the following requirements:
    • a dance, set to music selected by the choreographer, and employing range of dance techniques the choreographer chooses, from neoclassical to the various techniques of contemporary dance,
    • the running time of the dance must not exceed 15 minutes,
    • ensemble pieces may be presented in the Competition (a maximum of 8 dancers), as well as duets and solo pieces, with the works being performed by professional dancers,
    • the use of scenery in the competition entries is not permitted, with the exception of small, scenographic elements,
    • only one entry per person may be submitted.
  • (1.) Choreographers interested in participating should forward 2 copies of a CD or DVD recording of the original work constituting their entry to the Competition Office, together with a completed entry form. The entry form, which comprises the appendix to these Regulations, should contain a detailed description of the work in question, including the technical requirements in terms of staging and lighting.
  • Competition Office address
    • Międzynarodowe Stowarzyszenie Promocji Sztuki Choreograficznej im. Sergiusza Diagilewa
      ul. Gandhiego 4 lok. 29
      91-012 Łódź
      Phone: +48 501 497 255 (Polish and Russian languages), +48 697 953 794 (Polish and English languages)
  • Requirements
    • a. The entry must be recorded in its entirety on the CD or DVD. In order to ensure the authenticity of the entries, recordings must be filmed using a panoramic shot, without close-ups, and must be unedited.
    • b. The entry form should be completed in block capital letters. A high-quality photograph of the choreographer should be enclosed to the entry form, together with photographs of the work being entered. These should be submitted in JPG format, on a CD. A copy of the diploma or document confirming the choreographer’s professional dance or choreographic education should also be enclosed. On a separate CD, please send a short biographical note in English containing up to date information about choreographer’s education and artistic achievements. The CD must be marked with the first and last name of the choreographer.
    • c. The music to which the entry is performed should also be forwarded on a CD. The choreographer’s given name(s) and surname, together with the title of the work, must be written on the disc and must correspond to the information given in the entry form. The CD should only contain the music specifically composed for the performance.
    • NOTE — Important information: The material sent with the entry will be retained by the Competition Organiser for documentary purposes, and will not be returned. The final deadline for submitting entries is 7th April 2014. In the event of a dispute, the post office date stamp will be the decisive factor.
  • (2.) 12 finalists will be selected from the entries; the selection will be carried out by a Selection Committee appointed by the Organiser of the Competition. The results of the Committee’s work will be announced on 20th April 2014. Those choreographers selected for the 2nd round will be officially informed and will receive an invitation to Łódź. Information about the persons qualified will also be posted on the Competition´s WEBSITE:
  • Travel and accommodation
    • Travel to Łódź will be undertaken by choreographers qualifying for the 2nd round, together with their dancers, at their own cost.
    • The Organiser of the Competition guarantees to provide participants with accommodation for the nights of 16th May/17th May, 17th May/18th May, 18th May/19th May.
  • Insurance
    • The Organiser of the Competition neither provides insurance cover, nor takes any responsibility for either injuries or losses incurred, or for accidents occurring, during travel to and from the Competition, or during the Competition itself.
  • Date for registration and payment of the accreditation fee
    • Following their arrival in Łódź on 16th May – 17th May 2014, participants in the Competition are obliged to pay the accreditation fee, making the agreed payment at the Competition Office.
    • The accreditation fee for choreographers is PLN 600.-
    • The accreditation fee per dancer is PLN 150.- (It also applies to choreographers taking part in the choreography submitted to the Competition)
    • The accreditation fee is non-refundable.
  • Rehearsals
    • The Organiser of the Competition will prepare a rehearsal and performance schedule for the Competition presentations.
    • Rehearsals for the Competition entries will be held at the Grand Theatre in Łódź (address: Plac Dąbrowskiego, 90-249 Łódź, on 16th May – 17th May 2014; on 18th May 2014 the rehearsal for the Gala will take place.
    • The Organiser of the Competition guarantees to provide a stage, a ballet studio, dressing rooms and professional technical support.
    • Every participant in the Competition will be allocated one 30-minute rehearsal on stage and one 30-minute rehearsal in the ballet studio.
  • Onstage performance
    • The competition performances, together with the awards ceremony and the Gala, will take place on the stage of the Grand Theatre in Łódź.
    • Both the Competition and the Gala are open to members of the public.
    • Inflammable and explosive materials must not be brought onto the stage of the theatre.
    • Competition participants must provide their own costumes, make-up and toiletries.
  • (1.) The presentation of the 12 finalists’ works will take place on 17th May 2014 on the stage of the Grand Theatre in Łódź.
  • (2.) The competition entries will be adjudicated by an International Jury, appointed by the Organiser and comprising renowned dancers, choreographers and dance critics.
  • (3.) The Jury will select and award prizes to 2 winners from among the 12 finalists.
    1. The announcement of the Jury’s verdict and the awards ceremony will take place during the Gala, on 18th May 2014 at the Grand Theatre in Łódź.
  • The Gala
    • The work of the choreographer receiving the Grand Prix and 1st prize will be presented on 18th May 2014 during the Gala, and a star ensemble invited by the Organiser of the seventh edition of the Competition will also perform.
  • The Jury
    • (1.) The International Jury will adhere to the rules of The 7th International Sergei Diaghilev Competition of Choreographic Art.
    • (2.) Each Juror has an individual vote.
    • (3.) At the Jury’s discretion, the Grand Prix and/or monetary prizes may remain unawarded, or the monetary prizes divided in some way other than set out in these rules.
    • (4.) The Jury’s verdict is ultimate and incontrovertible.
  • The Competition entries will be adjudicated on the basis of the following criteria
    • (1.) artistic merit,
    • (2.) the standard of dance technique,
    • (3.) originality,
    • (4.) the sense of stage space,
    • (5.) the dramatic composition of the work.
  • Prizes
    • (1.) The winner of the Grand Prix in the seventh edition of the Competition will receive the Amber Faun statuette and a monetary prize of PLN 30 000.- (gross). The Amber Faun represents the character of the faun from the ballet The Afternoon of the Faun. Set to the music of Claude Debussy, choreographed by Vaclav Nijinski.
    • (2.) The winner of the 1st prize will receive a monetary prize of PLN 15 000.- (gross).
  • Copyright
    • (1.) Only those members of the media who have been granted accreditation by the Organiser of the Competition will be permitted to make video recordings of the Competition performances and the Gala.
    • (2.) The Organiser of the Competition reserves the right to record, broadcast, and take photographs, as well as to print and sell photographs and video recordings of the Competition participants’ performances, and those given at the Gala, together with the right to utilise, in the ways referred to hereunder, the material from interviews given by the participants.
    • (3.) Participants in the Competition will not receive a fee or royalties for the recordings, broadcasts and interviews referred to under the foregoing.
    • (4.) The Organiser of the Competition does not undertake to make any payment with regard to the copyright of the composers, choreographers, or costume designers, or to that of any other artists involved in the entries.
    • (5.) The Competition participants shall undertake, of their own accord, to secure the performing rights necessary for the performance of their choreographic works within the Republic of Poland, and shall be responsible for bearing any and all costs in this regard.
    • (6.) The Organiser of the Competition takes no responsibility for the failure to secure the necessary performing rights.
  • Final provisions
    • The Organisers must be notified of the details relating to the participants travel arrangements, in terms of their means of transport and planned arrival time in Łódź, by 5th May 2014 at the latest.
    • In the event of any disputes arising from matters not provided for in these Rules, the decision of the Competition Director shall be final and incontrovertible. The Organiser of the Competition reserves the right to introduce changes to these Rules, on the basis of due and serious cause.


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