Solo Dance and Duo Dance International Festival (SzólóDuó)

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Country and Region HungaryPest County
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Budapest, Pest County, Hungary
Festival Contact Information

Orkesztika Alapítvány Titkársága
1077 Budapest, Hungary
Rottenbiller u. 31.
Fax: (36) 1-321-9745

Festival Description

Our Festival provides opportunities for individual dancers and dance groups to realise their artistic concepts and through this event they will receive feedback to further developing themselves. Continuing the traditions of the previous festivals, we would like to continue with our goals that apart from some regulations the dance groups can perform their shows without restrictions. All the performances will be evaluated by a professional jury and the audience.

The Festival’s competitive program includes 20 solo and 20 duo performances to avoid over-stressing the jury and the audience. We want to ensure the opportunity for everyone to perform regardless of the large number of prospective participants, SzoloDuo 2010 will also involve nomination-rounds. The nomination rounds will already have been be held in four different countries.
The festival can not host performances in which there is no intention for a unique presentation—which means that improvisations without any structure, or a choreography that was performed before will not be accepted.

Festival Dates January 7 – 12, 2010
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Practical Info:

Nomination round 2009:
  • All of the nomination rounds/semi-festival are opened to audiences. The professional jury will evaluate these as workshop presentations based on a criteria basis.
    National nomination rounds will be organized in Poland, in the Czech Republic and in Germany—as SzólóDuó semi-festivals by our co-operating partners, the EFERTE Dance Development Foundation, and the Duncan Center Conservatory Prague, and the Barnes Crossing Choreographers Network between May and October 2009.
  • For the Hungarian and Slovakian participants the nomination round will be held in the Mozdulatművészeti Stúdió (Art of Movement Studio) on November 14 and 15, 2009. You can find a technical rider of the studio at
    • Applicants from Poland shall apply through Eferte Dance Developement Foundation at
The date of the semi-festival is May 24 and 25, 2009.
    • Applicants living in Germany, The Netherlands and Luxemburg shall apply at Barnes Crossing at
The date of the semi-festival is 26-27th June 2009.
    • Applicants from the Czech Republic shall apply at Duncan Center Conservatory The semi-festival will be held in early October 2009.
    • Applicants from other countries can apply to the competition program by sending video footage on DVD, shot in the rehearsal room. The DVDs will be viewed by the jury of the festival who will nominate performances to the competition program. Deadline for application is October 1, 2009. Date of nomination is November 2, 2009.
Conditions for Application 2009:
  • The applicants who won the best solo or duo dance production in the previous year’s festival, will be automatically included in the competitive program. Polish applicants shall apply to EFERTE Dance Development Foundation Warshaw;
Czech applicants shall apply to Duncan Center Conservatory in Prague; German, The Netherlands and Luxemburg residents shall apply at Barnes Crossing. This year the professional evaluation will be emphasized in each performance.
The sequence of the performances will be decided by chance.
We will ensure the same lighting technique and the same time element for the stage rehearsal for all the participants of the Festival. You can apply to the Festival with short solo or duo dance performances under the following conditions:
    • Dance performances have to be originally created, those that were already presented can not participate in the Festival.
    • Applicants must be at least 16 years old
    • The length of a solo performance cannot be no more than 6 minutes and in the case of duo performances no more than 9 minutes. Overrunning these time limits will automatically disqualify of the participant.
    • Tools or instruments can be used in the performances but only if their installation takes no more than 30 seconds prior to the performance.
    • Tools (candles, water, dye) that can damage or soil the stage floor are forbidden to use.
    • Only one choreographer or performer may apply with one solo and one duo production maximum.
    • Applicants need to attach to the application form:
      The choreographer’s and dancer’s CV, not more than 500 words
      A photographic portrait of each performer and choreographer, and an photograph of the performance (300 dpi).
  • Those, who can not participate in any of the nomination rounds must send a video of the performance in DVD format by the end of application deadline—which contains only the applied solo or duo performance. Each performance must be sent on separate DVDs. The application data cannot be changed. The foundation can give free or supported accommodation to 20 foreign participants, but will be able not pay the travel and the catering costs.
Application deadline 2009:
  • Deadline is October 1, 2009 (If you apply directly to the Orkesztika Foundation) for the Application form, and the DVD. If the applicant would like to perform his/her show live in the Hungarian nomination-round they are welcome to but his/her trip must be self-financed. For more information visit
    The Orkesztika Alapítvány allows the right for any and all changes.
  • Registration fee: 5000.- Forint
    The application needs to be paid by forint.
Account number of Orkesztika Alapítvány:
11706016-20720937 (OTP Bank)
  • Contact information
    Web address:
    Mailing Address:
    Orkesztika Alapítvány Titkársága
    1097 Budapest
    Tagló u. 11-13
  • The application form must be sent in the original digital format (by email or on CD) to the Foundation office by the deadline. The application may be acquired by email.


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