Kinani - Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporanea

Kalauz Schick, CMMN SNS PRJCT ©Gerhard F. Ludwig
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Country and Region MozambiqueMaputo
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Maputo, Maputo, Mozambique
Festival Contact Information

Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporanea
IODINE Producoes
Av. Patrice Lumumba, N° 376 R/C porta 33
Maputo, Mozambique
Phone: +258 82499 15 20
Fax: +258 21 300 415

Festival Description

The Festival Internacional de Dança Contemporanea presents dance in all its forms of expression — of the individuality and celebration of the human spirit. Modern dance is an expression built on traditional dance choreography that constantly adapts and stretches to culture’s inevitable transformations. International dancers come together in Maputo to share in the expression of the international language of dance!

KINANI aims to promote an artistic language that even being new, has a big expression in Mozambique and beyond. Besides exposing Mozambique to other cultures, KINANI promotes the exchange and tries to gather the creators with their audience, offering an alternative way of leisure.

As an international biannual festival, KINANI contributes for the development and education of Mozambican dancers and choreographers, giving visibility to their work and bringing Contemporary Dance to the streets and to people.

Created in 2005 in order to enlarge the Contemporary Dance panorama in Maputo, KINANI has been allocated as one of the great showings of Contemporary Dance in Africa. We have been underlining the matter of considering research, experimentation and exchange as the guidelines for Contemporary Dance creations presented in the Festival.

Festival Dates November 27 - 28, 2013
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Festival Events:

Artist features 2013:
  • Laura Kalauz and Martin Schick
    The Acclaimed performance artists Kalauz and Schick will present CMMN SNS PRJCT while Schick will work with a local guest dancer to present HALFBREADTECHNIQUE (postcapitalism for beginners). Both _CMMN SNS PRJCT and HALFBREADTECHNIQUE (postcapitalism for beginners) offer audiences humorous, yet unsettling, insight into alternative ways of thinking about the money economy, capitalism and sharing – particularly relevant in the context of the current international debate on revolution.
  • Performances
    • CMMN SNS PRJCT sees Kalauz, an Argentinian-born independent choreographer based in Zürich and Schick, a Swiss freelance performer and choreographer working out of Berlin, use theatre as an arena of free trade and adventure and as a way of breaking down prevailing conventions. In a piece that has already captivated audiences in Europe, Kalauz and Schick start this by welcoming the audience in their underwear, and handing out a variety of objects for free.
    • HALFBREADTECHNIQUE was first introduced at Julidans Amsterdam 2012, It is a funny and mind-triggering performance guided by Schick that investigates post-capitalism living and raises the question of how much we need for our own personal prosperity. The show has been described as “an amazing experience” and “wonderfully liberating” by viewers.
  • The performers
    • MARTIN SCHICK is a freelance performer and choreographer from Switzerland, living in Berlin. He works on scenic plays as well as performative acts and installations, and investigates human economies and the influence of socio-political movements on the art-environment and visa-versa. In 2012 he created a solo piece called NOT MY PIECE and has recently been working on HOLIDAY ON STAGE (which premiered in June 2013) and THE REALITY PROJECT (premiering in 2014).
    • LAURA KALAUZ was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1975) where she studied dance and Sciences of Social Communication. In 2003 she graduated as Dance Maker in Arnhem, Holland. Since then she lives in Zürich, where she works as independent choreographer. Her work questions the routines and patterns of contemporary life. Her interest lies in revisiting the taken-for-granted assumptions that rule social behaviour and that shape our model of communication. An ongoing project is “Fluchtpunkt/ Punto de fuga”, a collaboration with prisoners of the penal Ezeiza (Buenos Aires)


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