Afghan International Theatre Festival

"Beyond the Mirror", Bond Street Theatre (NY)/Exile Theatre (Afghanistan) — Afghan International Theatre Festival 2005; and Le Azdar Theatre/The Little Prince — Afghan National Theatre Festival 2011. Photo by Michael McGuigan
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Country and Region AfghanistanKabul
Type of Festival Drama
Location of Festival Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan
Festival Contact Information

Mohammed Azim Hussain Zadah, Head of Theatre and Cinema Department
University of Kabul

Festival Description

The Afghan International Theatre Festival is an annual festival of national and international theatre created to revitalize and celebrate the art of theatre after three decades of war in Afghanistan. Primarily, the participating theatre companies come from Kabul and provinces of Afghanistan and bordering countries from South Asia, although a wider international presence is welcomed. Seventeen provinces of Afghanistan have become familiar with theater and understand value of theater art in Afghanistan, especially for women. A strong emphasis of the festival is the support of women to be on stage and the festival especially encourages female theatre companies that come from Afghan provinces—such as Mediothek Theatre Group of Kunduz—a self-organized troupe of young women between the ages of 13 to 17 years of age.

Festival Dates September 24 - 29, 2011

Festival Story:

Afghanistan’s theatre was revived through conducting annual festivals since 2004. The revival of theatre in Afghanistan was initiated through the theatre department of Fine Arts Faculty at Kabul University. Many theatre groups have been active throughout Afghanistan’s provinces. In addition to the establishment of these theater centers, Afghan theater has opened a way to the international community: Herat artists participate in International Theatre Festival of India; sharing the national theater artists and theater departments in Nawroz festivals of Tajikistan; Aftab puppet and Parwaz Theater in France, and connections with most theater artists and institutions in different countries of the are preeminent examples of this progression.

Since 2004 the Information and Culture Ministry, Kabul University and other cultural institutions, have played a major role in the revival with the cooperation of major world countries began to work in the development of theatre. In 2004 Dramatic Arts Center was founded with the assistance of Goethe Institute in the frame of Theatre Department of Fine Arts Faculty of Kabul University. In 2011 the seventh festival of Afghanistan national theater will take place. Producing festivals and gathering national artists play a major role and impact in development of this art.

The committee of the festival encourages all theatrical and cultural institutions to apply and take part in this great festival and to continue the development and fulfillment of this noble art.

Dramatic Arts Center, Theatre Department of Fine Arts Faculty of Kabul University, Ministry of Information and Culture, Presidency of Kabul Theater, Culture and Civil Society Foundation, Goethe Institute (German Cultural Center), French institute, the Cultural Affairs Division of America, British council (United Kingdom Cultural Center) are all proud of contribution to conduct the Afghan Seventh National Theatre Festival.


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Practical Info:

  • University of Kabul
    Kabul, Afghanistan
Applications 2011:
  • Procedures for 7th Afghanistan National Festival
    • All individuals and organizations participating in this festival are requested to act in accordance to the terms of this form and send their works to Festival Leading Committee.
  • Expenses
    • Transportation expenses and subsistence expenses (including decoration) will be paid equally to all groups.
  • Selection Criteria
    • The Festival Approving Committee will select the submitted plays by central and provincial theatrical institutions according to their work quality.
  • Festival awards
    • The best actor
    • The best actress
    • The best designer
    • The best writer
    • The best live show
    • The plays will have the opportunity to be presented on the stage and will be published in the brochure.
  • Conditions for selecting works
    • Subscribe of theatrical institutions, institutions or as individual artists in the festival: Enterprises, theatrical institutions or artists interested in participating this festival should fill in the form attached to this page and submit it to Admission Commission till due time. This form not only allows the commission opportunity to get familiarity with the institution and artists, but will get information about the works which will get started. If the desired work is in the process of production, this form can introduce all the relevant required information prior to work. It is required in all cases to introduce the possible details about the content of the work in the form.
    • If possible, sending film or video and CD of play or its completed part (even in rehearsal) would be best.
    • Plays performed previously in the past six festivals will not be accepted by the team or committee.
  • Conditions
    • Artists of each group should represent themselves on behalf of their related provinces.
    • Accepted Text for the seventh Festival should be reviewed by the admission committee one day before the main show on the stage.
    • Transportation costs will be paid if the artists of the provinces will be present during the festival programs.
    • Time of show must not be less than 30 minutes and not more than 60 minutes.
    • Number of artists from the provinces taking part in the festival should not be more than (10) persons.
  • Date and steps for acceptance
    • How to get admission form — People who are interested in participating the Seventh Afghanistan National Theatre Festival can get accepting form beginning June 5, 2011 from Prof. Hossein-Zadeh, head of National Theater at Theatre Department of Fine Arts Faculty, Kabul University, Culture and Civil Society Foundation, French Institute located in Istiqlal high school and Goethe Institute. This form can be obtained in provinces from Information and Culture representatives of Culture and Civil Society foundation. Visit the website at for deadline information and for the forms; participating Institutions in Kabul and provinces, must submit their works before the deadline of July 16, 2011 directly to the dramatic art center, theater department of Fine Arts Faculty at Kabul University, Presidency of national theater, Culture and Civil Society Foundation or send through the Emails, as well as through central Post Box Number 1037. Interested Institutions in the center and provinces should ensure themselves through telephone to Hosseinzada for submitting their admission form.
    • Selected works will be announced on August 1, 2011 through festival committee.
  • Information and Contacts


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