Dancing on the Edge Festival

Kassem Istanbouli performing in "Koum Yaba"
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Country and Region NetherlandsNorth Holland
Type of Festival Dance
Location of Festival Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Festival Contact Information

Dancing on the Edge Foundation
Aarie Biemondstraat 107b
1054 PD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone/fax: +31 (0) 20-61-80-220
Email: info@dancingontheedge.nl

Festival Description

The program consists of performances of choreographers and dance companies from the Middle East and collaborations between Dutch and Middle Eastern dance artists. In Dancing on the Edge, nine contemporary dance performances from Egypt, Palestine, Iran, Lebanon, Israel, and Syria will show Dutch audiences how a number of dance and movement artists are working in the region. In this festival, a new generation of choreographers will now pieces that reflect the issues present in the societies where they work and live. During the festival debates, lectures, workshops, introductions and public conversations with the artists, as well as networking meetings will take place.

Dancing on the Edge Festival also takes place in additional locations in the Netherlands:

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Festival Dates

November 6 - 9, 2013
November 14 - 17, 2013

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Festival Events:

Artist feature 2013:
  • Koum Yaba, by Kassem Istanbouli (Lebanon)
    • Kassem Istanbouli, has an extensive theatrical production focused on giving voice to the stories of survivors, in a black comedy mode, bringing a smile to our faces while the tragedy lies underneath. As an actor and theater director Istanbouli has performed the following works, shown in different countries: Picnic in the flede, (Fernando Arrabal) on the absurdity of war; Hawamish on gender violence, The People’s Court, on the rights of citizenship of Lebanese women; Experiencia del Mural, about identity (Mesopotamian poem of the 17th century), selected for the International Classic Theater Festival of Almagro-Spain 2011; the Black House, on the consequences of the lack of freedom; Walls, on identity and freedom, and Koum Yaba. It is his play Koum Yaba the one that has touched more the audience throughout the world, a monologue with deep roots in Arab tradition, in a black comedy mode, and with a stage work that plays with the poetic. The dramatic text of Koum Yaba is inspired by the work of Palestinian writer Salman Natour and tells the story of the Palestinian people since 1948 until today. This work has been shown in Lebanon, in the Palestinian refugee camps, in Syria, Gaza, Spain, Algeria, Chile, Kuwait, Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Portugal and Holland.
    • Video of performance
  • About Kassem Istanbouli
    • Kassem Istanbouli has finished his work at the Dancing on the Edge Intercultural Festival that is taking place every year at different cities of Holland (Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam) during the month of November with the aim of offering a meeting space for emerging artists coming from Europe, Middle East and Africa. Lebanese actor and theater director Kassem Istanbouli has offered a masterclass at the Amsterdam University together with dutch theater director Leon van der Sanden and has participated as speaker in two seminars organized by the Festival on “Arab Theater today” both at Amsterdam and The Hague. In addition, Istanbouli has offered his performance of Koum Yaba to the audience of Amsterdam (November 15th) and The Hague (November 16th). Istanbouli’s participation in the dutch Festival is closing his European 2013 Tour that commenced during October by his performance of Koum Yaba at Portugal (Porto, October 12th) and Spain (Coruña, October 17th and Ourense, October 22nd). The artist feels highly rewarded by the results of his work at the Dancing on the Edge Festival, during which we could share his theater experiences with dutch students and dutch audience as well as with the members of many other theater companies coming from various Arabic speaking countries.


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