Medieval Days in Ljubljana (Srednjeveške dnevi)

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Country and Region SloveniaCentral Slovenia
Type of Festival Dance, Music
Location of Festival Ljubljana, Central Slovenia, Slovenia
Festival Contact Information

Srednjeveške dnevi
Mini teater Ljubljana
Štihova 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Phone: (386) 1-43-03-143
Fax: (386) 1-43-43-620

Festival Description

Medieval Days in Ljubljana is a Renaissance Music and Medieval Day that is held in September at various locations in ljubljana. The traditional Festival of medieval and Renaissance Music and the Medieval Day are held at Tromostovje, Citypark, Zvezda Park, Ljubljana Castle. MINI TEATER organizes the event in co-operation with the Festival Ljubljana, that is supported by the Board of tourism; Minister of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana (Department od Culture). They have prepared an interesting and variegated program with musicians, dancers, fencers and other artists from Serbia, Italy, Czech and Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

Festival Dates September 27 - 29, 2013
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Festival Events:

Participants 2013:
  • Gruppo Storico), Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy
  • Sbandieratori di Subbiano, Italy
  • Viteška skupina Markus (Knights Markus Group), Czech Republic
  • Glasbena skupina Rattus Rattus (Band), Czech Republic
  • Plesna skupina Vere Gratia (Dance Group Vere Gratia), Czech Republic
  • Plesna skupina Vere Gratia (Master Printers Janez Rozman), Slovenia
  • Plesna skupina Celestina (Dance Group Celestina), Slovenia
  • KUD Center, Slovenia
  • Vitezi Vojvodine Kranjske (Knights of the Duchy of Carniola), Slovenia
  • Viteški red Vidiri Hedera iz Ribnice (Knights stamps Hedera from Ribnica), Slovenia
  • Obrtniki in Srednjeveški trgovci (Medieval Craftsmen and merchants), Slovenia
  • tipoRenesansa, Slovanija
  • Vzrejna hiša lipicancev Barbana (Lipizzaner breeding house Barban), Slovenia
  • Mini Teater Ljubljana, which is also the organizer of the event


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