The Best Day of Your Life: Get It On Your Calendar

Happy Festivus
Photo by Barbara SmithCreative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Have you ever felt left out from a celebration?

Did you know that you missed “World Day for Cultural Diversity?” As posted this past week on KArts Culture News, the day is sponsored by UNESCO. Sure, the only celebration we could find took place in Zimbabwe. But still, I bet it felt as though every one else had it in their calendars, but you didn’t know. You were left sitting alone thinking that day was just like any other.

Your worries are now over. We have collected the key days of the international cultural calendar (provided in bold), along with those days that call out for everyone’s maximum creativity to appropriately celebrate:

And, in case you are really out of the loop, 2008 is the year of: International Year of Languages; International Year of Planet Earth; International Year of the Potato; and, wait for it… the International Year of Sanitation.

Stay clean. Be creative. Celebrate.

- Bill Reichblum

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