That’s So 1980s

Old Friends
Photo by Patrick QCreative Commons License Some Rights Reserved

Is it an artistic trend? Is it a nightmare? Is it just a moment of fun? Or, is it time to get a new haircut?

As covered in Festival News this week, there appears to be another decade coming back: time for the Retro 80s. The Associated Press reports on the beginning of a nostalgic trend in the arts and culture for all things so-1980s. (It is true that the current U.S. republican presidential candidates can’t stop talking about their ability to channel Ronald Reagan. In an even more bizarre echo, a fellow actor will soon join the race.) Is this a good thing?

Do you feel a sudden compulsion to change your hairstyle? Put on a pair of leg warmers? Dress like a young innocent?

What defines the 80s for the arts? Advertisers pushed the idea of “shop ’til you drop,” and Tom Wolfe countered by defining the times as the “splurge generation.” The phrasing of a “sound bite” was promoted by new “spin doctors.” The gaming industry gave us the low-tech Rubik’s cube, and the high(?) tech Pacman. MTV planted its flag, cats appeared everywhere, and turtles looked really silly.

Inspired yet?

Here’s a short sing-along reference:

How about a short list of film highlights?

Surely, any decade that produced that work from the masters provides lots of inspiration for today’s work.

Then, again, maybe it’s best to ignore any retro-trend and just stay in the present tense to make the future work.

- Bill Reichblum

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2 Responses to “That’s So 1980s”

  1. Ana Maria
    July 2nd, 2007 09:19

    The photo with this week’s blog looks just like the menagerie of 80s stuffed animals that my daughters have in their bedrooms. I am overwhelmed by My Little Pony and Care Bear stares!

  2. Star Wars Yoda Backpack
    October 27th, 2008 01:08

    you think that is bad? you should check out this yoda backpack thing. the hair and stare is quite creepy!

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